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First of all, IDM crack makes you forget about any browser incompatibility. Version.30, build 6 Final is available (Jan/12/2018). Thus no copy-paste routine is required. Whats new in version.32

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5 adja.30 2 card 1 XY 1 150 7 card card card 1 155 1 card 1 157 1 card card 1 1595,04 1 card 1 16 8 card.

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a received damage modifier when massed. Fixed Bofors vs tp_armour_axis_panther_skirts - Vet cost Updates for Werhmacht Support units and Vehicles (from manpower/fuel - 100/30, 300/50, 300/70 to 100/20, 200/40, 250/50) - Wehrmacht Puma/234 Heavy Armoured car receives a 20 weapon range increase at Vet 2 and a 30 weapon damage. I see there are subsequent patches but it looks like they're all for the expansions. Panzer Elite start with 50 munitions. Kettenkrad sniper detection range increased. A data bug fix was made to Panzer Elite Suppressive Volley Fire - The modifiers would reset incorrectly when the squad moved.

Button vehicle will disable coaxial MGs before the main gun. Building criticals fixed for artillery. Bug fix for V1 that prevented it from landing if the FOW closed in too early during the ability (if a spotter was killed for example). Weapon will reload less often. V2.101 09/24/2007, online - Connectivity improvements. I only want to know what version I should be on if I only own the original game, no expansions. piat Weapon tuned - Damage reduced from 100 to 90 - Target accuracy reduced vs moving light vehicles (generally from.8.4). These abilities wouldn't work in the halftrack. Building critical tuning. From Relic Entertainment this Company of Heroes patch updates the game from version.4.0 to version.101.

Axis Personnel population upkeep threshold increased from 12 to 14 - Pioneer upkeep doubled from approximately 3 to approximately. Bren carriers lose a received damage bonus (.85) when they upgrade with the Vickers MMG. Sniper rifles accuracy vs trench cover increased from.25.45 - Reduced cost of Allied MG nest by 5 fuel. The damage modifier while repairing was reduced. General Features - Added Commonwealth Army. StuH weapon scatter reduced, angle of gun depression increased marginally. Added Panzer Elite Army.

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